2 weeks and counting!

As the September madness kicks in, and businesses are getting back into the swing of things, there is an air of anticipation surrounding a certain office on the Science Park, as four innovative start-ups begin carting boxes of equipment, computers and product samples into their new office. The four new companies are about to spend the next 6 months hoping to turn a good idea into a good business with the help of mentoring, networking and ideas sharing.

Their first two weeks have included an introduction to social media marketing and a lunchtime event to welcome them into their new home. The event was attended by a group of fellow entrepreneurs from around the Park who were eager to meet the new tenants, and it was great to hear the conversations taking place so early on.

This week we catch up with two of the four winners, Roc Nut and SAL Scientific, to find out how their first weeks have been.

Roc Nut – “I have comfortably settled in at the Catalyst Centre with my new companions, and have enjoyed learning about their interesting projects, that are in equal measure diverse and very exciting! I anticipate a little bit of knowledge sharing happening in the Catalyst Centre during the coming months.

“The mentoring has kicked off rather well and I’ve put the marketing advice to good use already, as can be seen from the rapid increase in cycle enthusiast twitter followers on @RocPumps!

“Roc Pro also attended the “National Cycle to Work Day” event on the Science Park yesterday and had tremendous feedback from customers, cycle retailers and the crime prevention officer on site. In addition, the project is already having a personal resonance with many cycle owners, as all feedback from the various networking events I have attended reinforces my understanding of the need and desire for the security products that are currently under development. Following recent contact from the leading UK security marking company, discussions are now also underway regarding possible synergy.”

SAL Scientific – “So after almost two weeks at the Catalyst Centre, things are progressing well for SAL Scientific. We attended the two induction sessions, have settled into the office, and are already benefiting from the interesting network opportunities that the facility encourages. We have taken another step in the world of social media based marketing by getting our twitter account off the ground.

“We have also been busy outside of the Catalyst Centre, with Steve attending the ELRIG Drug Discovery meeting in Manchester, which provided an excellent opportunity to introduce the offerings of SAL Scientific to potential clients and direct people to the new website. We are now focused on promoting the service offering to our relevant contacts in our scientific networks”.

In next weeks blog we will be catching up with BluPoint and recipe2door, so keep your eyes peeled to find out exactly what they’re up to!