D-day is here. Catalyst Centre applicants – get your plan submitted!

The Catalyst Centre judges are sharpening their pencils, and flexing their fingers, ready for some full-on reviewing of the applications that have been streaming in from across the globe (who knew that we were going to get so many non UK applications!). Anyone who hasn’t yet submitted theirs is urged to do so before midnight tonight to be in with a chance of joining us in the Catalyst Centre. If you have extenuating circumstances, some leeway may be granted, but please get in touch with us asap to ask for a bit more time!

A brief chat with Peter Birkett, Catalyst judge and CEO of the University of Southampton Science Park, about the ideas we have seen so far, raised an interesting point. Whilst there have been some truly impressive plans submitted, it has become clear that some are attributing more importance to the perceived global impact of their idea, and slightly overlooking the sound business proposition that is key to the success of an application. Whilst it’s admirable to want to change the world, if your grand plan is not likely to become a profitable business, it isn’t right for the Catalyst Centre. We don’t have a problem with anyone wanting to do their bit for humanity, and if it also makes sound business sense, then of course you’ll be in with a chance. As per previous blog entries, you need to have thought it through very seriously, and maybe asked for a bit of impartial input from someone who can advise with the head, not the heart.

So – with the deadline looming, and our inbox steadily filling up with applications, all that remains is for us to wish you the best of luck with your application. Watch this space for an important announcement…