Do you think you’ve got what it takes to apply to the Catalyst Centre?

To apply to the Catalyst Centre, you don’t need to have designed a new widget at the leading-edge of science, neither do you have to be the next James Dyson. We will welcome any proposition broadly in the fields of science and technology and can include anything from a novel app for a mobile phone to an innovative way of packaging proven technology to address a new market. A proposition might involve actual hardware but is just as likely to be a software or e-commerce idea. We’re interested in any business concepts which look to address a market need with a solution involving science or technology. Some of the Science Park’s most exciting startup businesses are applying innovative thinking to the use of existing technology, or exploring new concepts to discover a novel way to solve real world problems. The key thing is that you have a good idea and the passion to turn it into a real business. We would love to help you do that through the Catalyst initiative. Take a look at our previous winners to give you some ideas!