Eight science and technology startups pitch up for a place in the Catalyst Centre!

Our four Catalyst Centre graduates have spread their wings and flown off to pastures new (bar HealthQuest Solutions who couldn’t bear to leave us and just hopped across the corridor), so the Catalyst Centre has been looking a bit empty recently! We don’t like to see empty desks, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with the last intake, so, when eight burgeoning science and technology startups turned up on the Science Parks doorstep yesterday, we were very keen to see whether there were any exciting new ideas to be shared.

The day was a huge success, with many of the businesses impressively well prepared for battle. Armed with powerpoint presentations and pitches aimed at wowing the judges, they each took centre stage to explain why their business should be chosen for the Catalyst Centre. Presented with some very different businesses, from imaginative inventors to scientific professionals looking to branch out with their own business, the judges had a challenging day ahead of them, especially during one of the hottest days of the year!

Each business was given 15 minutes to introduce themselves, and to impress the judges with their business idea. This was followed by 20 minutes of intensive questioning, which included some valuable advice from our five judges, all of whom have experience of ventures, start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses!

Peter Birkett, CEO of Southampton Science Park and Catalyst Centre judge commented “Yesterday we saw a real hunger for the places at the Catalyst Centre. It was great to see such passion and enthusiasm driving their pitches, but it makes the selection process twice as hard, as many had a strong case for joining us”. Deliberations continue, with the judges still conferring before they come to a final decision. Whatever the outcome, we know we can look forward to welcoming another group of innovative and enthusiastic start-up businesses to the Science Park in September.”

A huge thank you to all the companies who came to pitch! The winners will be announced early next week, for a start date in September, so keep your eyes peeled!