Entrepreneurs: Born, or made?

There is no disputing that it takes extraordinary drive to conceptualise, develop, and ultimately start-up a business, and this drive is not in everyone. Many are content to be ‘worker bees’ all their lives, and are happy to put in the hours for the greater good of the companies that employ them. Some however are not content with this, perfectly acceptable, working life, and spend their lives restlessly searching for the next big opportunity, burning the midnight oil, and dreaming of the day that they can pick up their P45, and go it alone. A recent article suggested that entrepreneurship could well be hardwired into the DNA, with people actually born that way. Certainly, the skills that set aside the entrepreneur from the worker bee are often seen at an early age, with many a parent shaking their heads in despair at the schoolyard commercial activities of their offspring.

The article also suggests that the economic landscape has a part to play in the rash of new start-ups, where redundancy, or the fear thereof, has sparked a rise in the numbers of people going it alone. This inevitably leads to people without the natural drive to be their own boss, becoming their own boss, but this isn’t a bad thing. Many of these people have a lifetime’s experience of working for large corporates, which has given them a great understanding of good business practices. In addition to this, they are often more considered in their approach, without the maverick tendencies displayed by the genetic entrepreneur.

We say “Good Luck” to anyone looking to start their own business – whether through burning ambition, or necessity. There is a lot of help out there for fledgling entrepreneurs – just look at the opportunities that our Catalyst winners are given to learn from the experts. If you are sitting at your desk, dreaming up your own big idea, grasp every learning opportunity you can, be brave, and do it!