HealthQuest Solutions – Where are they now?

18 months after graduating from the Catalyst Centre, we caught up with HealthQuest Solutions to see what the team there has been up to. It’s impressive to say the least…

HealthQuest Solutions is now running the world’s leading educational website for healthcare professionals in the field of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), forecasted to be the worlds third largest killer by 2030. It has turned over £1.5 million in its first 18 months of trading and has already transformed the lives of many patients suffering with COPD. 

In a recent clinical trial that took place over a six month period, 27 patients worked through the Company’s My COPD Solution to manage their disease more effectively. This ground-breaking approach encourages people to take their medication properly and increase their activity, promoting a healthy lifestyle. The astonishing results showed that, from a starting point of 98% of patients not using their inhalers properly, now 98% are using them correctly as a direct result of using this COPD tool. 

This fantastically successful study has secured HealthQuest Solutions a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Award. This will enable them to continue to develop their My COPD Solution to produce a far more advanced platform that can be used on patient’s mobile devices and also as a dashboard for healthcare professionals to monitor patients’ progress. This additional functionality will also facilitate further clinical studies. An expert programmer has joined the team to help work through this exciting next phase of development. 

HealthQuest Solutions hasn’t just been working on its patient-oriented education, however. Its inaugural cohort of healthcare professionals undertaking their COPD e-learning programme has also completed their first unit. Another cohort was launched in April and the next is due to start in September. 

In other exciting news, HealthQuest Solutions has been chosen by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) from a pool of 8 potential companies as one of two innovation projects that they will support. This will see HealthQuest Solutions working closely with GSK to extend its COPD online platform with a pilot scheme in a yet to be chosen clinical commissioning group, an NHS organisation set up to organise the delivery of NHS services in England.

The Company also plans to use its current solutions to help those with other diseases, the first being diabetes. Three contracts are already in place to develop diabetes products to support specialist healthcare professionals and sufferers of diabetes in the same way it has done for COPD. The first course will take place later this year with delegates from pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories arriving from the Middle East, Greece and South Africa to participate. 

Simon Bourne, Co-Director of HealthQuest Solutions commented: “Since we sent in our Catalyst Centre application, we’ve certainly come along way. The team have worked exceptionally hard to provide a product that encourages patients with COPD to take control of their health, and in return the business has seen success. 

“We now have the support of SETsquared to guide us, and we’re really looking forward to what’s next! I would definitely recommend anyone reading this with a science or technology based business idea to get their application into the Catalyst Centre today. We’ve certainly not looked back.”

Wow! In less than two years the Company that we first met going into the Catalyst Centre is now almost unrecognisable with an excellent USP, a great team and an impressive pipeline of new projects. On top of all of this, Co-Director Simon Bourne is heading to Afghanistan next week in his role as an Army Doctor. Good luck Simon, and congratulations to you and the team for all your hard work! We await your next news with eager anticipation!  

We wonder if the HealthQuest Solutions founders thought they would have got this far just two years after pressing ‘send’ on its Catalyst Centre application?  

Do you fancy being where HealthQuest Solutions are today? Then you have ten days left to apply to the Catalyst Centre, so get your application in now!