Introducing our winners: SAL Scientific

As our new intake of business start-ups prepare to join us in September, we asked for 5 minutes of their time to find out a little more about them, and their experience of the competition process. First out of the starting gate is SAL Scientific, established to provide services and solutions to organisations that use mammalian cells in their drug discovery and development workflows. The company was founded by Dr Steve Game, Dr Alasdair Robertson and Mr Lee Von Landau, and will provide a range of tailored cell biology, assay development, system integration and software development services on a fee for service basis. The company’s unique service offering is designed to allow customers to benefit from valuable workflow efficiencies, data generation and ultimately better drug pipeline management. The team will also leverage their extensive product development expertise as a management consultancy service and to drive future growth by delivering innovative new products to the drug discovery industry.


Why did you decide to apply to the Catalyst Centre?

One of the early activities in the genesis of SAL scientific was the search for premises.  Southampton Science Park was high on our list of potential “homes”, so the discovery that there was an opportunity to win a place in the Catalyst Centre was really exciting. We immediately resolved to enter the competition as we are at the ideal stage of forming a new business to maximally benefit from what the Catalyst Centre offers. 

How did the pitch day go for you?

We came to the pitch well prepared and confident about our proposition, but still a bit nervous as to how our business proposal would be received. Despite the big grins on the photo taken before the pitch and shown on the press release, we started with some trepidation. We felt the pitch went well and we had an interesting and robust question and answer session. We left the pitch feeling very happy with how it had gone but reflecting on some already valuable feedback we had received.

What are you hoping to achieve during your time at the Catalyst Centre?

Our goals for the time we will spend in the Catalyst Centre are to develop and refine our business plan, deal with some of the gaps in our proposal that were highlighted during the pitch, and gain maximum benefit from the coaching and mentoring on offer during the six month period. After all, despite our experience gained working in the industry, we are all new to the business start-up process. We are also excited about the prospect of being able to pitch to angel investors. And finally, the desks: no more working from the sofa in the lounge!