Next steps for Fusetab

In the second of our ‘next steps’ interviews with our 2015 Catalyst Centre graduates, we speak to Chris Frost, Founder of Fusetab.

The idea behind Fusetab was to create a simple and effective platform that brings all external and internal applications from an individual’s work and home life together in one place, no matter where they originate. It aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between multiple work and personal devices and applications whilst maintaining a degree of separation and control.

Chris, how have you got on and where do you go from here?

I’ve been able to fine tune my market positioning and develop my concept as a management tool focused on the needs of time-poor professionals so I will be looking at targeting these high value individuals. However, I think the idea will have value for organisations needing to keep track of everything to do with employment for individuals too, so there’s potential to market to businesses too.

A lot of the software has now been developed and I’m now focusing on creating a free software app to test the market, which is the next logical stage. I have also developed a new hosting concept which will be the first of its kind to market.

You’re clearly a good programmer, so what did you get out of the Catalyst Centre experience?

It helped on many levels – legal knowledge, marketing messaging and generally, the importance of getting things done! – all essentials for running a business. I’ve had a few challenges around data laws, an area I really needed to learn a great deal more about. Being introduced to Paris Smith was enormously valuable. Laura there has helped me navigate my way around EU legislation and I now have my own software terms and conditions. I also really embraced the idea of the business model canvas; it helped me to crystallise my thoughts and prioritise effectively. Lastly, I really enjoyed working alongside my fellow tenants: it was hugely beneficial to have people in a similar position to you to bounce ideas off.

What did the Catalyst Centre judges advise you to do on graduation?

To be fair, there were mixed reactions which sparked quite a big debate! The judges had some excellent suggestions, such as the advice to get in touch with ITDev who are based at the Science Park to see a really good example of how to create an engaged workforce and fantastic company culture.

The judges saw great potential, which led to some new ideas for my business such as using the app to manage holidays and store your yearly appraisals. There was also interesting advice regarding partnerships with online accounting systems and looking at how my system could integrate with them.