Next steps for Trou Digital

Our fourth and final ‘next steps’ interview is with Mario Troullis, who founded TrouDigital. TrouDigital is a powerful, affordable and simple-to-use digital signage system which cleverly combines ultra-low power micro PC’s with innovative cloud-based software.

The result is a system that enables users to upload dynamic marketing content on to screens, video walls and electronic billboards quickly and easily. Mario’s goal is to be one of the largest signage providers in the UK within five years.

Mario, what have you been up to during your time in the Catalyst Centre? It’s fair to say that the business has undergone quite a transformation during my tenancy, including a complete rebrand because we originally entered the Catalyst Centre as NeoMedia Signage! It became apparent that this was a necessary step in order to widen our appeal as a result of taking a fresh look at my business model. I’m now confident that I have a compelling business case and I’ve fine-tuned my market sectors to include estate agents, educational establishments (schools, colleges, and universities), the NHS and dental practices.

Can you give us some examples of likely applications for your technology? 

We have created an innovative solution for estate agencies which will take data from their live property management software and feed it straight to their screens. For the estate agents this means there is zero maintenance for having digital signage. As well as that, we have added some interactive tools which are in testing with a number of agencies. Another example is in care homes, where a social media wall will enable family and friends to share social media feeds with residents, showing them what they’re up to and incorporating personal messages like birthday wishes.

How did the Catalyst Centre experience help you to take your business to the next level? I had a meeting some of the judges before Christmas and this was quite a turning point. It really changed my view on where to take my business, and helped me define my value proposition. I also really enjoyed participating in the Catalyst Challenge with the university students. The winning idea was around proximity marketing, encouraging us to look into using it. I’ve actually kept in contact with some of the teams to develop this.

What’s next? I’ve achieved a lot over the last six months but of course there’s more to do.  I’m working on a new product launch – a social media wall. And it’s really all now about hustling more and selling more. I’m looking to take on a sales and marketing intern to help me, going forward.

What did the Catalyst Centre judges say to you on graduation? The judges asked questions about my revenues and commented that I should look into my prices, as well as challenging me on how successful I wanted the business to be, and giving me some food for thought about my routes to market – whether I should be selling directly or working through third party distributors who would sell it in for me.

I was also asked about how I was packaging up the solution – was it well-rounded and complete?

Don’t forget! There are just a couple of days left before applications for the next round of the Catalyst Centre closes. If you have a fledgling business idea and want to transform it into a viable business proposition in just six months, the Catalyst Centre could be just what you’ve been waiting for. With free coaching, office space a cash injection and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to work alongside on a daily basis, there’s no better opportunity for a science or tech start-up. Apply online here