Question Time

Do you have a question about the Catalyst Centre? Tweet us and let us know, and we will answer! This weeks Question was sent in for Peter Birkett, CEO of Southampton Science Park.

Q: The Catalyst Centre application form calls for ‘high tech’ business propositions. What do you mean by high tech?

A: To apply to the Catalyst Centre, you don’t need to have designed a new widget at the leading-edge of science. The reference to ‘high tech’ is intended to include any proposition broadly in the fields of science and engineering and can include anything from a novel app for a mobile phone to an innovative way of packaging proven technology to address a new market. A ‘high tech’ proposition might involve actual hardware but is just as likely to be a software or e-commerce idea. We’re interested in any business concepts which look to address a market need with a solution involving technology. Some of the Science Park’s most exciting start-up businesses are exploring new concepts in software applications and applying innovative thinking to the use of existing technology. The key thing is that you have a good idea and the passion to turn it into a real business. We would love to help you do that through the Catalyst initiative.