recipe2door: No more “Dammit, I forgot to get…”

recipe2door is a concept developed by University of Southampton students Robin Bilgil and Simon Edwards, who identified a gap between finding a tempting dish online, and actually getting around to buying the ingredients and recreating it at home. We think it’s brilliant – who hasn’t spotted something, bookmarked it, and then never actually cooked it?

Their concept is completely automatic. The user inserts a recipe, then recipe2door’s service searches all the online supermarkets to find the ingredients, in the correct proportions, and shares this information with the user, who can then purchase online for home delivery, or save it for a rainy day, or a last minute dinner party panic!

As well as making it simple to track down and order ingredients, the service will also feature integration with Instagram so that users can share the results of particular triumphs (or disasters!) with the online community, adding an extra dimension to the pursuit of culinary excellence.

“Why did you decide to apply to the Catalyst Centre?”

We took part in the university’s “Enterprise Incubator” scheme last year, and were encouraged  to apply to the Catalyst Centre through that. An initiative like this is hugely valuable to us as we are in the initial stages of starting up our business and need the type of collaborative office-space and coaching that the Catalyst Centre offers.

“How did your pitch go? What did you learn from the judges on the day?”

We thought the pitch went well as we had seemingly captured the attention of the judges (at the end of a long hot day!). We received a huge amount of feedback in a short space of time. The judges were impressed with the presentation and our business model, but also gave us a lot of constructive feedback regarding errors we had made in our thought processes. By the end of the pitch we were reconsidering our initial target audience, our revenue streams and some of our priorities.

“What are you hoping to achieve during your time at the Catalyst Centre?”

We aren’t officially a business yet, so our key priority and the biggest thing we aim to get out of the programme is a successful, revenue generating business. We’re also looking forward to the networking opportunities on the Science Park, which we hope will be both a way for us to learn from those who have been there and done it, and also for us to share our idea(s) and gather some valuable feedback. As with most businesses in our position, we are in great need of contacts and board introductions – this is where we foresee gaining the most from the coaches and other members of the Catalyst Centre.