RocPro on the verge of success. 

We thought you might all be interested in hearing what’s been going on with our 2013 Catalyst Winners since they graduated from the programme. First up is Gareth Bristow of RocPro.

Gareth, tell us what’s been going on over the past few months?

It’s been incredibly busy for me but really productive! It seems we’re really on the verge of success now with three investors seriously interested in our product line. Obviously at this stage it’s all still ‘hush-hush’ but I’ll let you know the details as soon as I’m allowed to. On top of this, I’ve also been refining designs ready for prototyping – it’s exciting that they’re now very close to the final product.

How are you funding the business currently?

At the moment I’m bootstrapping the business with income from other work, but I’m ready to take it to the next stage so securing further investment is going to be important. I’m looking into various grant funding options for the technology behind the Roc Pump such as local grants and SMART awards, with help from SETsquared based at Southampton Science Park. 

I’m also in talks with a top bespoke bicycle manufacturer in the UK about a partnership – really exciting stuff! The networking opportunities I had whilst at the Catalyst Centre have given me some great contacts.  

What about your business plan – how is that evolving?

Since leaving the Catalyst Centre, I’ve continued to work on my business plan and it’s now extremely robust. The guidance of Catalyst mentor Phil Sharpe has put me in an excellent position to attract investment with demonstrable success. I’m also receiving support and appraisal of my business plan from a local accountancy firm. 

Huge thanks to Gareth for taking the time to speak to us and we’ll keep you updated with all RocPro related developments in the future! 

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