Startup Catch Up! Catching up with a very different recipe2door!

The last few months have seen big changes for one of our Catalyst Centre tenants, recipe2door. Boasting a new name and a whole new brand, recipe2door has become Parsly!

It has been an exciting and productive, yet challenging, few months for the two Southampton University graduates, Robin and Simon, who created the company. The two founders have been working closely with Catalyst Centre mentor Phil Sharpe, honing their business plan for potential investment, rebranding on a budget and working towards their hotly anticipated launch, which happened last night! Take a look at their beta site here, and let us know what you think!

Here’s what Robin and Simon had to say about their experience in the Catalyst Centre so far: “We are considerably further along than we were when we moved into the Catalyst Centre – it would have otherwise taken us years to realise what we have managed to achieve in just 4 months! Being here has allowed us to focus on what’s important and what isn’t and given us a definitive route to go down.”

They continued: “What we really need to do now is to dig deep to utilise the next three months most effectively. Our focus now is to receive some concrete interest from a variety of brands and continue the process of securing investment.”

We’re certainly keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll be receiving funding in the near future and wish Parsly great success with their recent launch. They’ve posted a valentines day recipe specifically for this Friday, so if you’re pushed for time and don’t fancy heading to the shops in this weather, why not try it out?