Startup Catch Up! RocPro tells us how the business has changed over the 4 months it’s been in the Catalyst Centre

Fine-tuning their brand, finalising prototype designs and entering (and winning) competitions are just some of RocPro’s achievements since becoming a Catalyst Centre tenant. What’s more, they’re the first ever Catalyst Centre tenant to be planning a Kickstarter campaign in the near future with a view to raising finance.

We caught up with RocPro founder Gareth to see how he’s getting on in the Catalyst Centre and to find out exactly how it’s helped his business so far.

Gareth told us: “Before we came to the Catalyst Centre, everything was quite disparate; we had too many products and unclear and confusing branding. Over the past three months, we have really strengthened the brand, establishing RocPro as our main brand with sub brands for different products. We’ve also started to get out there having meetings with a series of investors, which is looking incredibly promising.

“We are excited to be launching our Kickstarter campaign soon with the aim of producing 2-3,000 units by April! We are also looking into applying for Technology Strategy Board grants.”

There’s no stopping them! We can’t wait to show you exactly what RocPro, and the Company’s amazing innovations for all keen cyclists, is all about! Watch this space for further updates in the near future.