Startup Catch Up with BluPoint

BluPoint has had a busy time in the Catalyst Centre in the last few months, having received grant funding to complete its first prototype and test its system. With multiple research trips now completed and a promising line up of meetings planned, Founder Mike Santer is feeling extremely positive about the future of his business.

We caught up with him to find out exactly what he’s been doing, and to ask how the Catalyst Centre has helped him on his way.

“I’ve had a great experience in the Catalyst Centre so far. Being here has given my Company so many opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Access to the Catalyst mentor Phil Sharpe has been particularly valuable. His experience helps me to prioritise what I’m doing, and figure out what needs to happen next. I’m a very verbal thinker, so having Phil as a resonance board makes my decision making process much faster.”

The community spirit of the Science Park is also proving helpful. Mike added: “Just being based on the Science Park has meant that I’ve met a plethora of people that encourage me to strive forward every day. Being a sole founder of a start-up can often be very lonely. But, being able to share an office with three other innovative companies, build relationships, benefit from mutual encouragement and have a bit of banter along the way has helped enormously. Also, having SETsquared Southampton just down the corridor has been a huge help for me. Alan Scrase, Business Incubation Centre Manager, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to grant applications and this has helped us to secure not one, but two, grants during our time in the Catalyst Centre.”

We can’t wait to hear what Mike gets up to next!