Startup Catch Up with SAL Scientific!

We heard on the grapevine that Catalyst Centre tenants, SAL Scientific, have been taking some big steps recently so we decided to find out more and catch up with the startup’s two founders. Here’s what they told us:

“We often wonder what would have happened, and where we would have been if we weren’t part of the Catalyst Centre programme. It has given us a better understanding of what we are capable of, and what we can do, whilst keeping us focused,” they said.  “We’re no longer losing sleep wondering whether or not we have a good business opportunity because we’ve been able to prove that we can deliver what the market requires, and have a very healthy pipeline.”

And what about funding? “We have learnt that we are not classic investor material. However, the team at the Catalyst Centre have helped us realise that we should be looking at other ways to fund our business, including grants. In fact, we have recently been put through to the interview stages for a possible grant so we’re keeping our fingers crossed! We’ve spent our lives working for large corporates but running a start-up is very different. The Catalyst Centre has effectively taught us how to run a small business – there are certain skills and tools that are routine in an entrepreneurial community that we just didn’t have.”

Looking to the future, SAL Scientific tell us they will be working on turning their pipeline into a reality, and putting in place the infrastructure to run as a fully fledged business as well as fine tuning their business plan and working through grant applications.

They’ll certainly be busy and we wish them luck on all fronts – watch this space for further updates!