The Catalyst Centre – full commitment, great advice, and funds. Catching up with recipe2door and BluPoint 

After catching up with Roc Nut and SALscientific last week, we chased down the remaining Catalyst Centre tenants to find out exactly what they’ve been up to, and how they are finding the Catalyst Centre experience so far.

recipe2door: We have come a long way in the past few months, largely owing to the great working environment at the Catalyst Centre!

There are three key criteria we believe we needed to meet to get our business started: full commitment, great advice, and funds. We knew we already had the will to give the necessary commitment to try and get recipe2door started and built-up as a web service, and the Catalyst Centre provided some excellent opportunities for the latter two points. It even helped us commit more time by providing a 24/7 working environment that we make extensive use of during those evenings that turn into long nights of software development and business planning.

Phil Sharpe, our business coach, has made sure to hold regular meetings that are greatly helping to plan and map our future, as well as giving useful presentations about getting started and organised. The companies at the Catalyst Centre have also been promised the opportunity of pitching to angel investors, which we at recipe2door plan to take advantage of as soon as we feel ready. There’s been great induction and networking events in which we had the chance to talk to successful companies around the University of Southampton Science Park. Thanks to these opportunities, we feel much more confident that we can take things forward, and do it quicker than we could have done alone.

We look forward to working here for the next 6 months, and to seeing other peoples’ companies build up and succeed around us!


BluPoint: It’s been a busy couple of weeks for BluPoint in the Catalyst Centre. Our business coach introduced me to the Chilworth Business Network and I attended their evening gathering. Apart from meeting a few of the more established Park members and presenting briefly on BluPoint, it was a great opportunity to hear business insights from Peter Brewsy who was the Chairman of Chelsea Football club.

I spent last week in Helsinki meeting with the Finnish and Indian Government’s academic and commercial representatives, to explore how wellness and development in India can be impacted by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Whilst in Finland I was representing Poimapper ( that has an innovative solution to enable the collection of data on mobile devices even when the devices are offline. This solution is currently being used to support activities in health, industrial inspection, forestry audits, police force, agriculture and much more.

I had time to reflect on the essential requirement of accessing digital materials to support both development and business activities in India. This reinforced for me the need for BluPoint to provide local digital content for people living in low resource communities.

Shortly after arriving back in the UK, I spoke to 50 budding Entrepreneurs from Southampton, Exeter, Surrey, Bath and Bristol on the “Researcher to Innovator” course run by SETsquared. I received some interesting ideas to ponder about funding streams and ensuring, to coin a phrase from Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, that the “right people are on the bus” as BluPoint moves forward.