This week, we love…Quora

The Catalyst Centre is all about learning and skills development, and experience has taught us that one of the most effective ways to learn is to tap into the expertise of our business mentors, and of our peers. Even those at a similar stage in the development of a start-up have different skills, different viewpoints, and a different way of doing things. Watching what they do can be just as valuable as a mentoring session, in terms of what you take away from it.

This is why we like Quora. It’s a really simple concept, whereby members can ask questions on pretty much any topic, and answer questions posted by others. The search function allows you to search using keywords and phrases related to what you’re interested in, bringing up all the questions and answers on that topic – and there are some very astute business people on the site, who are very happy to share their expertise with the rest of the community. Unusually for a free site (or perhaps we managed to avoid the corners that the insalubrious lurk in!) the community seems to be largely business focused, with very few incidences of spam or general inanity, which makes the site easy and pleasant to trawl through. A word of warning though  – make sure you aren’t pushed for time when you visit! Quora is a huge resource, stacked full of fascinating people and deep reserves of stuff you really need to know. Prepare to be absorbed…for quite some time.