Time to say farewell, as another group of our fledgelings leave the nest – Part 2

In the last blog, we heard all about how Parsly and BluPoint used their time to accelerate their businesses in the Catalyst Centre. Here, we find out about the remaining two tenants: RocPro and SAL Scientific.

RocPro founder Gareth Bristow’s keen eye for detail and his ability to create stunning designs mean that his bike security inventions will be sought after by keen cyclists everywhere. Not only do they look great but Gareth has been able to create products that are also superior to competitor offerings, leading to him winning several design and startup awards whilst a tenant. 

Gareth commented: “My time in the Catalyst Centre has been spent working closely with mentor Phil Sharpe to get my business plan ready for investors, refining my designs, and working to ensure that the brand is strong. RocPro is all about performance, design and quality, messages that will permeate throughout all communications. I am keen for all RocPro products to be made in Britain using the most technologically advanced engineering processes available to create superior products of the highest standards.”

The Judges were very excited about RocPro’s future, commenting that they were extremely optimistic about his potential funding opportunities, and they gave him some great advice on building a winning team. 

So what’s next for RocPro? Over the next few months, RocPro will be focusing on ensuring its prototypes are completed to exceptional standards, and, at the same time, securing manufacturing partners before the launch of its Kickstarter campaign which will feature the RocNut. Gareth is also in talks with investors and has been offered opportunities that could see RocPro become a household name – all hush hush of course! We can’t wait to see what happens next! To read more about RocPro.

SAL Scientific entered the Catalyst Centre as accomplished cell biologists with a great deal of experience leading commercial R&D teams developing high-value products and services in the life sciences – with a particular focus on cellular screening and biologic drug development. However, founders Steve Game and Alasdair Robertson had never started a business before and that’s why the Catalyst Centre experience appealed so much.

SAL Scientific has spent the past six months working on refining what is a relatively complex business plan because it encompasses three elements: consultancy, services and product development. The Company has also recently received grant funding from Future Solent’s Green Growth Programme which has allowed it to move into laboratory facilities in the newly refurbished Science Centre on the Park, with a commitment to sustaining three jobs. 

A final bit of advice from Judge Sandra Sassow (CEO, SEaB Energy Ltd) was to ‘just start selling’, with David Bream adding that they need to whittle down their prospect list to their top 20 and start from there. Luckily, the team has also been working with mentor Phil Sharpe to learn how to develop their selling skills!

So what’s next for SAL Scientific? Well, over the next few months Steve and Alasdair have one aim and that is to sell! They’re now in a position where they can start winning contracts and getting back into work! Being on the Science Park means we’ll be catching up with SAL Scientific regularly and we look forward to them securing their first large order. To read more about SAL Scientific,

Once again, the Catalyst Centre has been a great experience for everyone involved and it’s been exciting to see these four businesses develop. Peter Birkett, CEO of Southampton Science Park said: “It is inspiring to see what this group of tenants have achieved in just six months. It has reinforced the Science Park’s view that the Catalyst Centre is an invaluable resource for startups. We are already receiving some very exciting applications for the next round of the Catalyst Centre and we look forward to welcoming some more great startups to the Park in the near future!”

Applications for the next Catalyst Centre intake close on 31st May 2014. To find out more about how to get involved visit the website www.usspcatalystcentre.org.uk