Today we announce the second winner of the Catalyst Centre 2014!

We’re delighted to announce that joining The Bug Shack in the Catalyst Centre will be…

Neo Media Signage!

Neo Media Signage was founded by a Winchester University graduate Mario Troullis, now an experienced digital marketer. We were keen to find out more about what Neo Media Signage is all about and why Mario decided to apply for the Catalyst Centre. Here’s what he told us.

What is Neo Media Signage all about?

Put simply, we have created a powerful, affordable and simple to use digital signage system by combining ultra-low power micro PC’s with innovative cloud based software. The result is a system that enables users to upload dynamic marketing content on to screens, video walls and electronic billboards quickly and easily.

What stage is your business at right now?

Although it’s a start-up, the business is rapidly developing. The number of systems being installed is growing month on month which is extremely encouraging. In the not too distant future, we hope to secure a number of tactical partnerships which will enable us to sustain our growth and extend our reach into new markets and territories.

Why did you decide to apply to the Catalyst Centre?

To us, the Catalyst Centre was an exciting opportunity to work with some fantastic business people, as well as providing us with an excellent support network to help accelerate our growth. After seeing the calibre of the judges and mentors, and the great ideas and companies that have graduated from the Catalyst Centre in the past, the decision to apply was a simple one. 

How did your pitch go? What did you learn from the judges on the day?

After feeling a bit like a Dragons Den contestant walking in, the pitch actually went very well. The judges made me feel at ease, quickly grasping what I am trying to achieve with the business. Even from the short time I spent with the judges in the pitch I could see how they could add value, briefly exploring ideas and avenues that hadn’t yet been considered.

What are you hoping to achieve during your time at the Catalyst Centre?

Essentially, we are hoping to reach a faster rate of growth than we are currently achieving. In addition, we hope to develop ideas alongside the core business that will ultimately add value to Neo Media Signage. It would be fantastic to explore some of the avenues discussed during the pitch meeting too.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years’ time, we hope to see Neo Media Signage as one of the largest signage providers in the UK. Our aim is also to expand into more countries with the end goal of providing as many people as we can with this great communications tool.


Applications for the Catalyst Centre are still open, so if you would like £10,000 worth of support for your science or technology start-up, including free expert mentoring, accommodation and support, apply now!